Autumn: Time to Let Go with Gemstones


Autumn and The Metal Element

Though it may not feel like it lately in New York we definitely have entered autumn. In Traditional Chinese Medicine Elemental Theory we are in the season of the metal element. Autumn represents a process of decline and turning inward. If you look to nature, this is when the trees are losing their leaves, their energy is pulled back into their roots for storage over the winter. Letting go of the leaves is essential to winter survival and rebirth in spring. If the trees didn’t lose their leaves it would cost them valuable conservation of energy, the weight of snowfall would make them prone to breaking and then in spring there would be no room for new growth.  Elemental Theory was founded on recognizing the reflections of nature’s cycles and our own life cycles. So this begs the question, what are you holding on to that costs you your overall growth and well-being? What baggage can you release to conserve your energy and create healthy boundaries between you and the outside world? What are you attached to that ultimately will weigh you down when there’s an opportunity to renew and create?


Metal Element Organs

Each element in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has two organs associated with it that correlate to lines of energy through the body called meridians. For the metal element these organs are the lungs and large intestine. The lungs are responsible for the vital exchange of energy called Qi. Vital energy, the breath is taken in, inhaled from our environment and then released, exhaled out from within the individual to the environment. If adequate breath is not inhaled then the lungs are unable to exhale sufficient energy and the cycle is compromised. In TCM this explains chronic lung conditions like asthma but also colds and allergies. While, the lungs focus on the intake of Qi the large intestine focuses on the release of energy. Physically, the large intestine eliminates waste from the body. From an energetic perspective this is also the letting go of unhealthy behavior patterns, negative thoughts emotions, situations and people. If there is an imbalance in letting go in life this may show up in the large intestine as constipation and the stagnation from accumulated energy may also be reflected as depression.


Gemstones for Lungs and Large Intestine

 Therapeutic gemstones are incredibly effective and profound energetic tools. Two gemstones that come to mind as being helpful during this metal season and for the metal organs are Blue-Green Fluorite and Citrine.


Blue-Green Fluorite


Blue-Green Fluorite from Gemaceuticals

Blue-Green Fluorite is a helpful gemstone for organs of elimination which includes the lungs and large intestine of the metal element but also the bladder, kidneys and liver. This is because it encourages a downward flow of energy. Where there is a lack of letting go in the body, energy will start to accumulate. This energy becomes heavy, slow, dense and stagnate. Blue-Green Fluorite energetically brings a water like fluidity, to encourage the movement of stagnation. Think of pooling water in a stream from built up debris like branches and dead leaves then a rush of water coming in clearing and continuing the flow.



FullSizeRender (8)

Citrine from Gemisphere

 Citrine’s ultimate goal for us is to achieve our spiritual potential, in order to reach our potential we have to be able to let go of all that does not serve our highest good. Citrine’s encouragement for letting go differs from Blue-Green Fluorite. Instead a water like fluidity, the quality of citrine’s vibration is an unwinding. An unwinding from knotted, tightened and tense energy. This is ve

ry helpful to a person who has an imbalanced metal element. If we look back at the lung’s role in exchange of vital energy between the individual and the environment via the breath, what it’s also doing is creating boundaries and giving structure. But that structure can become overly metal like, rigid and stiff. Citrine helps to give way to

more flexibility physically, emotionally and mentally. In the large intestine we can become so stressed and tense its processing comes to a halt. Citrine helps loosen the binds and constriction so you can fully let go. Citrine is also very helpful for relaxing muscle tension in the body.


Amethyst and Attachments

 Remember the spiritual principle I have given you: the closer people are to making great change, the more tightly they hold onto what they know, consciously or unconsciously, they will be evolving away from.” –Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians

FullSizeRender (7)

Amethyst from Gemisphere

Amethyst helps us let go of attachments by going beyond our mind and connecting to divine wisdom in order to fulfill our spiritual destiny. This is so relevant during the autumn season because often we still cling to what is decaying and dying in our life because it is what we know, what we are used to. But as discussed earlier, in the cycle of life it does not serve us.  Going back to the trees, if they kept their leaves for winter instead of letting them go it may be their demise. Amethyst can assist us in the letting go process when our mind has built up an attachment, amethyst can encourage us to go beyond the limitation of attachment and see the whole picture from a higher, spiritual perspective. In turn putting us at a bit more ease with letting go of our attachments.


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Q&A Series: Erin Sikopoulos, Turn A New Leaf Massage & Energy Work by Lady Skidmore

Turn A New Leaf Massage offers more than massages. You also incorporate energy work. What exactly is that? Yes, I have studied and use various forms of energy work but my main modality is Gemstone Energy Medicine (GEM). When I first started, the gemstone work was the complement to massage therapy. Now however, my practice […]


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Ethics and Intuition

Over the past year, as I’ve been much more open and public about my intuitive work, I’ve been met with a lot of curiosity from friends, family, clients and people I meet. A couple things have stuck out to me that I’d love to clear up. The things in particular that I’ve gotten are really ethical concerns, “are you reading me right now?” “I’m nervous you know what I’m thinking.” “You probably think my energy is all messed up don’t you?”

An Ethical Intuitive Will NEVER ‘Read’ Without Permission

This needs some further explanation of course. Intuitive or not, many people pick up or notice things in other people’s energy fields as we interact in daily life. You may have experienced “knowing” not to trust someone even though outwardly they haven’t given you a reason to think that, known that a loved one was inwardly hurting even if they didn’t say so or maybe known a woman was pregnant because something seemed different about them. Often these are called your “gut instincts” instead of your intuition. But really what your instincts or intuition boils down to is; information. The key being ethical with your intuition is knowing there is a difference between superficial and private energetic information.


For example, you can be introduced to Sally and simply notice the smell of the perfume she is wearing. You can also meet Sally and instead of simply noticing, you lean into her neck to see what she smells like, this would usually be deemed inappropriate and rude. The same goes for intuition.


The way superficial energetic information comes through will be different for each person depending on how in touch with or active you are at using and developing your intuitive skill. As mentioned above, almost everyone can relate to these type of gut instinct scenarios. A naturally inclined or trained intuitive may automatically pick up different kinds of energetic information like colors in a person’s energetic field, a word or phrase that repeats over and over or become struck by a strong emotion upon interacting that’s not their own. And to someone not familiar with intuitive work, hearing that this kind of information was perceived can seem like “reading” versus just intuitively noticing.


Here’s the difference: intuitive reading is when someone is actively and intentionally using their intuitive sense to scan an energy field to get information. Again for example, an intuitive can be introduced to Sally and upon shaking hands immediately feel hit with a pang of  heavy sadness in their own chest and in the next second, without analytically thinking, there is the sense it’s connected to a recent loss of a loved one. If this were the actual scenario, the reason why this might be easily pick up by an intuitive without even trying is a death of a loved one would be a major life event for Sally and with it, very strong emotions. This as a vibration would be at the forefront of her energy field as the event and emotion is processed and therefore easily noticed or picked up on. Energetically speaking it’s just like physically noticing the scent of her perfume.


On the flip side however, an intuitive could also be introduced to Sally and upon shaking hands instead of passively getting or not getting an impression, goes right to intentionally using their intuition to scan Sally to see what information they find in her field. This is invasive and unethical, No one has the right to look into someone else’s energy without their permission.


What To Do If You Encounter An Unethical Intuitive?

Months ago my mother and grandmother had an extended stay at a hospital where my grandfather had surgery. Going between the hospital and hotel via taxi. One day as they waited outside the hospital to be picked up, a woman abruptly came up to my grandmother and told her she was a psychic and without asking started to divulge all the information she could sense from my grandmother. My mother witnessing this became very uncomfortable and felt the woman would do the same to her. Without missing a beat my mother prayed, with authority (that’s important), that this woman be blocked from reading her. The woman stopped talking to my grandmother, turned to my mother, looked at her and said “it’s funny I can’t pick up anything on you.”


Do you have to pray to a higher power to protect yourself from an unwelcome intuitive or psychic? No not necessarily, if prayer best suits you then absolutely use it. The greater point to make here is, you ALWAYS have control over your own energy field. It can be as simple as saying (in your head) “I command this person, energy or entity fully leave my energy field immediately.” Or “I command this person, energy, or entity is not allowed in or to view my energy field.” Saying this clearly and with authority is important.


Keeping Your Intuitive Self in Check

If you are just dabbling and starting on a journey to develop your intuition. My advice is to please do so ethically. Know the difference between simply noticing what you notice and actively scanning people. Ask for permission verbally or intuitively. Practice asking permission intuitively. In your head, “Sally, do I have your permission to look into your energy field?” Wait for an answer, intuitively this information could come through in many different ways, be open and observant for the answer. How we receive intuitive information is unique to each person. You could intuitively hear a ‘yes’ or ‘no’, you could perceive “seeing” yes or no, you could visualize the person shaking or nodding their head, or simply feel like you are welcomed or pushed away by them. If the answer is ‘no,’ RESPECT IT!


There is also one more important element to intuitive work. Anytime I am doing energy and intuitive work I make sure I disconnect from that client. This is not only ethical but also for the best interest of both. You do not want any of your energy to stay in their field or vice versa. I use a technique taught by psychic medium and medical intuitive, Tina Zion. This is the statement she teaches for disconnecting, “I command, all my energy, me and only me back clean and clear from Sally Smith passing through the cleansing filter provided to me by my guides.” I highly recommend checking out Tina’s website (link below) for workshops and her book, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course.

 I hope this has helped ease some anxieties about intuitives, given a better understanding of how intuition works and how it should be used with great respect for others. I can be contacted to inquire about intuitive and energy work sessions both remote and in person. Details provided below.


Erin Sikopoulos, LMT7F0A1760

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Additional Information-

Tina Zion, Medical Intuitive & Psychic Medium



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Chakra Clearing, Balancing and Alignment…What’s the Difference?

We give a lot of attention to our chakras when we deal with energy work. That’s because the chakra system is a major structure in the anatomy of our energy field.  The seven major chakras are energy centers that metabolize life force energy nourishing different regions of the body and spirit. When a chakra’s energy flow is disrupted it often begins to effect the physical body in that region.  For example, in my practice I will often see people with second chakra issues (located two inches below the navel) present with chronic constipation, low back pain, depression, fatigue, irregular menstruation or hormonal imbalance.

Once it’s been identified that a chakra or the entire chakra system needs some work then it becomes a question of the appropriate way to treat it energetically. In the holistic or new age community, the ideas of aligning, balancing and clearing the chakras can be thrown around a lot and can seem like they are all terms that mean the same thing. I’d like to take this time to talk about how each of these are very different and used in different situations, based on my knowledge of perceiving the energy field through intuitive work and treating with gemstone energy medicine.



Hearing about clearing the chakras is pretty common, but what does that mean? Cleared of what? When I intuitively look at the energy field and at the chakras sometimes I see a misty like grey smog with little particles floating around in it. It’s like an accumulation of energy of excess energy.

What causes this accumulation? In my experience lots of different things:


I once had a client who I had seen for multiple sessions and therefore had gotten accustomed to the look and feel of their energy field. But one day I was surprised to see grey smog all around their body and chakras. Intuitively I got the impression that something changed in their lifestyle that had been helping keep her body clear and energized, along the lines of exercise, yoga or meditation. My client then confirmed that they indeed had not been following their regular exercise routine recently.



The best example of this is most often seen around the head and brow chakra (center of the forehead) from an excess of mental energy. Mental exhaustion from too much thinking, planning, organizing and analyzing, which is very common in modern day life.


Holding On

It’s my experience when someone is dealing with an emotionally charged situation in life and they choose to ignore their feelings or hang on to certain feelings without letting go, energy begins to slow down around a chakra and accumulate.



Outside Influence

There are other times when an accumulation can originate from another person. When negative mental and emotional energy is directed at a person from someone else. At times this can also suggest an issue of boundaries or feeling the need to be responsible for other’s emotions, actions and problems.



In my practice using gemstone energy medicine, there are a couple different gemstones I use for clearing energy.  White beryl is one I use specifically for the entire chakra system from crown to root as well as using it within the aura.  Sugilite is another useful gem that is like a vacuum for energetic pollution. Sodalight is excellent at clearing accumulations of mental and emotional energy, particularly if it’s coming from an outside source.




Balancing the chakras, another really common practice. The way I see chakra imbalances is by getting a sense of the size and flow of the chakras.  Chakras look like funnels, they come off the body a couple of feet starting out larger at the top and smaller as they reach and enter the body. An imbalanced chakra can be noticed when the funnel looks excessively wide or narrow and the flow can be rapid or slow. If we consider something like chronic fatigue, depression and constipation you can often find a correlation in the second chakra with energy moving at a slow pace and/or the funnel of the chakra being very narrow.  In contrast, when I’ve done intuitive readings I typically can tell if a woman is pregnant just by the feel of her second chakra. Usually the chakra seems big, very bright and moving quickly.



Quartz is excellent for encouraging balance. I use white quartz on the chakras for balancing by either placing one chakra poultice on each chakra at the same time or using a therapeutic quartz necklace on the each chakra for the same duration of time starting at the root, three minutes per charka for example.

Rose Quartz placed on the front and back aspect of a chakra at the same time (example: heart chakra at the center of chest and opposite side on the upper back) can balance and harmonize the function of a chakra.


rose quartz chakra door therapy


I also use a specialized tool in my practice called a gemstone color ray mandala. It’s a circular piece of beeswax attached to a handle that has a gemstone for each color ray that is used to boost and balance the energy of the chakras.





I think a majority of people have heard of “aligning your chakras.” It’s been the source of many jokes poking a bit of fun at holistic practices in the media. Chakra alignment is the location of the chakras in relation to each other. Ideally, each chakra would be perfectly aligned centered to the body. One example of me seeing a chakra out of alignment in a session was with a client who I perceived as having their stomach chakra moved over to their right side. It’s important to note the stomach chakra is all about our personal power, issues and relationship to self, self-empowerment and self-care. The more I tuned in, I realized this client was taking issues concerning self and “putting it off to the side” so excess energy accumulated on the left side of the body to the point that it pushed the stomach chakra off toward the right.

I will also say in working on myself, receiving a session from a seasoned energy worker and mentor, I was told at one point I was holding my sacral chakra “back and up.” The sacral chakra is about our relationship with others and our environment. This chakra deals with issues of personal relationships, sex, reproduction, creativity, money and work. At that time I was in a sense holding myself back out of fear which is why the chakra had moved to that position.



Lavender Quartz is the most effective gemstone tool for aligning energy. Wearing a therapeutic necklace of lavender quartz will bring all the energy bodies and chakras into alignment. I also use a lavender quartz sphere in combination with white quartz spheres for a chakra alignment therapy. One quartz sphere is placed on six of the chakras and one lavender sphere is placed on a chakra that is out of alignment from the others.img_0238


Erin Sikopoulos, LMT7F0A1760

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My Name is Erin, I’m an Intuitive

Becoming Intuitive Through Life Lessons, Anxiety & Gemstones


photo credit: Chelsea Bos Photography

Releasing and decreasing anxiety has been a work in progress for years, it cycles with rises and falls, I’ve been on an upswing recently.  Though to my contentment, this recent wave of anxiety has been fall less severe than in years past.  I’ve chalked it up to a lot of things going on all at once that gets a bit emotionally overwhelming. I cope in lots of different ways, making the most of down time with exercise, meditation or receiving energy work and massage. One of the main ways I ease anxiety is with therapeutic gemstones, as that is my love and my work.  Within the last two weeks I transitioned from using my typical gemstone choices to ease anxiety.  Instead I felt I needed a new direction to help this chronic challenge, the idea of “strength” kept repeating over and over in my head, emphasis on becoming emotionally and mentally stronger when faced with new challenges and change. With that came the inner desire to wear blue lace agate and pink coral.


Pink Coral


Pink coral spoke to me for its ability to repair and strengthen a part of our energetic structure called the powerhouse, which plays an important role in our vitality for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Blue Lace Agate felt appropriate for the task because it strengthens by aligning and purifying the energy of our body to allow us to be who we truly are with more confidence and resilience.  After wearing these gemstones


Blue Lace Agate

constantly for almost two weeks, I now realize the weight of how much and how long my confidence has really been stifled through recent changes.


This month my confidence in my work faltered greatly.  The whole month has seemed like a bust, week one, two and three, multiple appointments with clients canceled from sickness, emergencies, forgetfulness and conflicts.  Never has this happened in such volume, at first it was frustrating, by week three it was practically comical, my husband and I are ready to start placing bets on my remaining appointments. In this time I felt the need to work, not just for financial reasons but I want to work.  I love my work. I think my work is important and when sitting around not doing it, time feels wasted. I asked myself, so if I have no clients to see, what will I do? I wanted to work on something and thought I could stand to work on my intuition and intuitive reading.

Since my Advanced Medical Intuition Workshop with Tina Zion back in April, I’ve been putting her wonderful teachings to work in my sessions but still tripping up on a few things-so there is indeed room for improvement. What has been tripping me up? Lack of confidence. Getting a piece of intuitive information and tormenting myself with it.  Should I say that? What if I’m wrong, I’ll look like a complete fool. Only to then have my client say the same thing I was thinking first, then the information is lost. It wouldn’t be believable to say, “I was picking up on that too.” Or rushing my intuitive assessments to get my client on the table for the “real work” to then miss a big piece of intuitive information that effects their daily life, losing a bit of credibility.

So with my down time I decided to practice doing intuitive readings. But where to easily get these people to work with? Facebook was my first thought. I went back and forth with that idea for a good twenty-four hours before I got up the courage to post about it. Intuitive reading is not something I’ve made widely known to most people personally or professionally, out of fear.  If I post about it on my personal page, what will people think? What will my religious friends and family think? What will people I went to high school and college think? Will they think I’m weird and foolish? I hate to look foolish, feeling like I have to defend my stance and logic of my work and what I can do.

After I finally did post my request, I was met with numerous people from different stages in my life interested in a reading.  Doing the readings has been incredibly freeing and uplifting. I’ve said many times to others, one of the most frustrating things to be is equally intuitive as you are analytical and skeptical. Every intuitive hit I get, I question. Once I was in a session and got a repeating scene in my mind’s eye of my client being in water, like an ocean, looking toward the underside of a boat and pulled out of the water by someone in the boat. My client confirmed that exact scenario happened when they needed to be rescued from the water while on vacation. I wracked my brain for days, what the probability was that I just guessed it, to convince myself I wasn’t as “good” at this as it seemed.

But doing my recent readings has been incredibly validating. Responses like “spot on” and “scarily accurate” blew me away. I’m accepting it now, I’m an intuitive and I’m really good at it.IMG_9505

Over those couple days the anxiety had subsided as I filled with excitement from the results. I posted a photo of one of my drawings from a reading on my Instagram and Facebook, again another big step. An act for me that symbolized coming out of hiding, sharing publicly this is part of my work and part of me.

After I posted, feelings of anxiety started to creep up again. Immediately I thought of switching my gemstones, I had taken off my pink coral and blue lace agate for two days and had the urge to put them back FF0EB5E4-6E26-4088-8414-45BF0AD56E35on, that it would be helpful to calm me down. I picked them up out of the dish and a light went off in my head. Strength! Confidence! The gemstones had been my sudden inspiration to put myself out there with my intuitive skills. I had been wearing them for a week and a half before this abrupt urge to be courageous and only took them off after I posted on Facebook and began immersing myself in readings for two days.

For years I have been in inner turmoil not just from anxiety but most likely anxiety perpetuated by struggling to accept who I am, something out of the norm, something not everyone understands or condones. I realize now how damaging the self-talk has been. Am I crazy? It’s not normal to see or feel this stuff. Was I just a wanna be like psychics you see on TV? Was any of this actually real? That’s what hurt, it felt so real, it felt great when I used my intuition, great to see people feel better and confirm my impressions yet I doubted myself again and again. I’ve struggled with shame. Do I really want to say that’s who I am? Erin Sikopoulos, Licensed Massage Therapist, Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner, wife, mother or two, dance instructor and………Intuitive?

The gemstones blue lace agate and pink coral were the catalysts I needed to look at who I really am and find the confidence to share it, that has given me immense strength. Once again, my skeptical mind would say it could very well be coincidence. But I put those gems on with the intention of building strength then made huge unexpected leaps in a week’s time that I struggled to do in three years. From years of second guessing, embarrassment and confusion I suddenly ordered new business cards that stated “Trained Intuitive” for the world to see, right between Licensed Massage Therapist and Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner. I’ve publically revealed this is what I do and went out on a limb to do a bunch of in depth readings with accuracy.

So here I am now, not even completely through this month of ups and downs, reflecting on my new found strength, confidence and inner peace. Thankful for all the positive influences, teachings and tools I have that lead me here. Especially grateful to gemstone energy medicine, that is always in my corner, standing in the background, helping me continue to be the best version of me I can be.7F0A1760

Erin Sikopoulos, LMT

Turn A New Leaf Massage & Energy Work


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Cleansing Gemstones: One Size Does Not Fit All

I hear it often, “it’s a full moon, don’t forget to put out your stones!”  “The sun is shining, cleanse your gems!”  What I barely ever hear but think is very important is each gemstone is unique in its mission and composition therefore requiring different care and cleansing needs.gem tray 024

Cleansing therapeutic gemstones is an important part in using them effectively. As gems work on the human aura they start to collect energetic debris. Without cleansing the gems begin feeling heavy, oppressive, could exacerbate the symptoms you’re trying to relieve, even cause headaches, nausea, fatigue or dizziness.

There are a variety of ways to energetically cleanse gemstones. Methods include sun baths, water rinses, salt beds, clay baths or plant rejuvenation. Most gemstones tolerate various cleansing methods but for the purposes of this article I’d like to discuss the methods that are most beneficial to, special treats you may not know about or potentially damaging practices for certain gems. This way you can take the best care of your gems and they always feel bright, revitalized and ready to work!


Sun Baths

A sun bath is simply laying your gems, ideally outside, in direct sunlight.  This can be a very effective way to clear gemstones of disharmonious energy.  Though it is important to note that leaving gemstones out all day in sun can energetically “burn” them by being exposed to harmful UV rays, just as we can be when out in the sun for too long. The majority of gemstones that enjoy sun baths typically only need a maximum of twenty minutes.FullSizeRender (1)


Gems that Love to Soak Up the Sun

These gemstones are most enlivened and best energetically cleared by sunlight:







Gems Damaged By Sunlight



Leopardskin Jasper (not necessarily damaged but shouldn’t be done unless you want to “wipe” its memory clean of another person who wore it)


Water Rinse

To cleanse gems with a water rinse, alternate running hot and cold water over them for around 60 seconds. Make sure the hot water is not too hot, if it’s too hot for your fingers then it isn’t good for the gems either.

The Water Lovers

Many gemstones can be effectively cleansed using the water rinse method.  However, these gemstones have a special affinity for water:IMG_8227


Blue Topaz

Riverstone (the effects can be enhanced by running it under cold water for up to a minute before use)

Roselle (high quality Rose Quartz)


Don’t Get These Wet!

Some gemstones surfaces are more porous and delicate than others, to keep them working optimally they should avoid water:



Lapis Lazuli


Mother of Pearl

Purple Rainbow Fluorite




Clay Bath

A clay bath uses about a teaspoon of bentonite clay powder, pretty easily found at health food markets, and water.  This provides a deeper cleanse that these gemstones need:IMG_8228


Blue Lace Agate

Blue Topaz


Pink Sapphire

Sugilite (though should be done less often than a water rinse)

White Beryl

Yellow Sapphire


Special Cleansing Treats

As stated in the beginning, each gemstone should be regarded as unique in its own personality and consciousness.  Along with that there are some special cleanses particular gemstones can enjoy for a boost in vitality.


Moonlight Bath




Rain Bath

Dark & Light Green Aventurines


Snow Bath



Alcohol Cleanse

Yellow Sapphire

*OK this one may not fall under a “special treat” necessarily but is something almost required when working with yellow sapphire. Naturally when worn gems pick up body oils. Since yellow sapphire’s work focuses on the skin and our DNA, these oils should be removed with a rubbing alcohol pad or cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol to keep it energetically cleared.


Gems that Need Frequent Cleansing

Some gems get dirtier when working than other gemstones. Often it’s a matter of cleansing these gems more for the first week or two of wearing them then lessening the frequency the longer they are worn. These gems often need cleansing more than once daily:

Clear Topaz

Pink Sapphire

White Beryl


Gems that Can Not be Fully Cleared

Some gemstones are unable to be completely energetically cleared from the person or people who wear them, their energetic impression is always imprinted in the gem’s memory.  There are a couple gemstones that can only be worn by one person and a few that are recommended to only be worn by a single family because they share some much energetically.

That said, as a practitioner I use these gemstones, with the exception of Quartzite, on multiple clients. The difference is the gemstones I use in practice do not belong to an individual, they are used for short periods of time so the client can experience their work and vibration but the gemstone does not deeply connect.

One Person Gems

Clear Topaz



Single Family Gems






It’s a lot of information to remember and consider! But recognizing a gemstone for its individuality not only for its use but also for its care will ensure these energetic tools remain effective and vibrant lifelong tools. For more specific instructions and additional information, I recommend visiting


Photo Credit: Chelsea Bos Photography



Erin Sikopoulos, LMT

Turn A New Leaf Massage & Energy Work


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Growth & Change with Therapeutic Gemstones: My Own Story of Anxiety

Aleysha Photo Shoot 010Therapeutic gemstones are effective and useful tools to help an array of issues. Much of the literature on gemstones can give the impression they are mainly used as a first aid to acute issues like migraines, insomnia, cold/flu or pain. But I think it’s important to understand gemstones are great tools to support our goals for long term change and growth. To illustrate this point, I’d like to share my own story of working through chronic anxiety issues using gemstones as my support.


The Background

This May was particularly hectic for me and my family, over the years I’ve improved my awareness of myself and recognized how I was bracing for the many events in our life coming one after another. And I knew the consequences would be some increases in my anxiety, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing and muscle tension. I came to expect this without taking a hard look at how I could change my body’s response to added stress, thinking I just needed to get past this busy month and I’d be fine. I made it through most of the events and plans but right before I headed to my last big event, my final Gemstone Energy Medicine Training Workshop, I experienced my first out of the blue anxiety attack. I woke up in the morning feeling fine, by the time I was making breakfast it all went south very fast. Suddenly I felt panicked, hot, sweaty, lightheaded, nauseous, trouble breathing. A big part of me was very convinced I was doomed and needed to be rushed to the ER, but a very small part of me said I needed to sit and calm down. I sat on the couch, firmly held acupressure points to calm me down and focused on by breath, within a few minutes I had gotten rid of the panic and settled down a bit. I knew at this point anxiety was having a far greater effect on me than I realized.

A few days after I attended my workshop. I helped set up for our section learning about



the gemstone Rhodochrosite. I had heard this gemstone can be very intense and set up the mandala in the center of the room with some apprehension. By the time I finished the mandala I felt this gem’s energy very strongly, but it didn’t feel abrasive or irritating like I thought it would, it actually felt really nice and I looked forward to learning more. I continued to keep that positive feeling as we started the session and rhodochrosite’s energy filled the room. We discussed it as being the “anti-procrastination” gemstone making rapid changes in behavior patterns. Then we began to do therapies and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I started to feel lightheaded, agitated and couldn’t focus. I stepped outside, the moment I sat down in the fresh air overlooking the mountains I broke down. It was as if rhodochrosite was holding a mirror to my face, bombarding me with all the ways my anxiety holds me back in life. To accept this truth all at once was overwhelming. Rhodochrosite’s goal for us is to promote inner freedom, to do this it breaks down guarded walls with its forceful tornadic energy. My experience of this gem felt best described in the book, Wisdom of the Gemstone Guardians:

                                              When I am worn, I make changes. I do not wait until my wearer

                                                becomes strong enough to handle me. If a change needs to be

                                                made, I make it. I do not wait for the person to get under the

                                                umbrella before I rain.


Using Gemstones for Growth & Change

Given my workshop experience, I knew now was the time in life to deal with and make changes around my anxiety. I’m very passionate in my work, my goal is always to continue growing and learning to be successful by helping as many people as I can. In order to attain my dreams I needed to get over this hurdle. Even after I returned from the workshop I continued to feel the effects, my anxiety became acute for days in full panic followed by continued anxiety and concerning heart palpitations weeks after. rhodochrosite had set the wheels in motion for drastic change faster than I was prepared for.

The gemstones I began working with for the first couple weeks were rhodonite and onyx. Onyx helps to ground which I needed because I was in such a state of panic and fear, I needed to be brought out my head and into my body.



The rhodonite I wore is a category 1, which has the most black with pink it. Rhodonite is very grounding for your emotions, the more black it has the more it grounds volatile, extreme and unbalanced emotions.



These gems helped me greatly get beyond panic mode and allowed me to start making observations about my situation which I could not do ungrounded. I became aware of how physical the anxious feeling was in my chest accompanied by memories and emotions that kept being brought to my consciousness daily for weeks. I realized how much distress my heart chakra was in and needed additional help by seeing another energy worker. Roselle (therapeutic quality rose quartz) became my next gemstone I wore to help with the recognition of stuck and suppressed emotions every time my chest felt uncomfortable and to release them in a healthy and balanced way.



Which for me meant a lot of tissues and tears but eventually my chest started to feel lighter every day and I felt more hopeful overall.

After about three weeks I was still experiencing anxiety pretty much daily but the heart palpitations had decreased and I was no longer constantly panicked. I switched to wearing three Amethyst necklaces and using a single Mother of Pearl sphere. As the anxiety persisted I sensed the need to reset my nervous system that seemed stuck in sympathetic state (fight or flight), possibly effecting the vagus nerve that can influence heart rhythm. Three amethyst necklaces may seem like a lot but the large dose is what finally made me feel more at peace.



I also taped a mother of pearl sphere to a specific point on the chest to effect the nervous system, mother of pearl has a special affinity with the nervous system that is very calming making a big difference to subdue my anxious feelings. Getting to this point with gemstones, greatly enhanced the work I received in my energy work sessions. I was able to open up my heart and address serious core issues at the root of my anxiety, things like the fear of not being in control because of a lack of faith or not feeling deserving of good health and true joy. Though tough to confront, I’m thankful these issues were brought to light so they could be recognized, expressed and released from my consciousness and body.

Next I turned my attention to working with Blue Topaz and Opalight. Blue Topaz is not a gemstone you would traditionally consider to help anxiety but I intuitively felt drawn to using it.

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz transforms water, making the fluids and food you consume more hydrating and nourishing for the body. But it also has an effect on the mind, by relaxing the mind it helps you better accept change to fulfill your vision of better health. Generally, change is not easy for me so I believe Blue Topaz helped me to release old mental perceptions concerning anxiety. At the same time Opalight also drew me in. Opalight helps resolve karma or behavior patterns by shining light on past circumstances that correlate to present physical conditions. At this time for me, lots of memories and situations from the past, particularly my teenage years were being brought up as a focus. Letting go of each circumstance brought to my attention removed another layer stunting my emotional growth.




Plans for the Future

Presently, dealing with anxiety is still a work in progress. Though looking at where I was in May and where I am now is very empowering. My goal for the future is to be wearing Ruby and Rhodochrosite.



Ruby helps to experience and get in touch with divine love, which can be hard for many, including myself, to really accept and experience. As I continue to heal and open my heart chakra I know Ruby will be the next step in my emotional growth. Despite my intense experience of Rhodochrosite at the Gemstone Energy Medicine Workshop, I still want to work up to wearing a necklace. Rhodochrosite may be unforgiving in its method for change but I appreciate its ability to allow for inner freedom from destructive patterns by breaking down unnecessary emotional or karmic walls without procrastination. I’ve already started to work with rhodochrosite in a short therapy to at least help me adjust to its vibration. Although I will admit before I even did the therapy, the necklace sat next to me on my bed for over an hour, after a while without warning anxiety bubbled up again leading to a strong emotional release along with more realizations to my current situation. Afterwards I wondered what brought this event on, after feeling pretty calm for weeks, then I realized the rhodochrosite had not been near me for that amount of time since the workshop. I have faith one day rhodochrosite and I will be friends.

Learning From My Experience

My hope is, by reading my story and seeing the evolution of positive change and growth it will encourage others to view gemstones in a new light. Not just a tool to help with the problem in the now but as a support to achieve long term goals and an aid in transformation for a happier and healthier life. The struggles and chronic issues that challenge us daily don’t usually happen overnight, the related physical, karmic, emotional, mental and spiritual entanglements can be quite the daunting process to work through. Therapeutic gemstones can be the ultimate guide to navigating the tough terrain, keeping the journey continually moving forward in a positive and empowering way.

Erin Sikopoulos, LMT

Turn A New Leaf Massage & Energy Work

Erin Sikopoulos, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner

Erin Sikopoulos, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner

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